Advice needed for Python packaging - can't find required library during installation

dieter dieter at
Tue Feb 4 08:30:00 CET 2014

thebiggestbangtheory at writes:

> I am trying to package up a very simple python app. In my file I have a couple of lines that include the following:
> from setuptools import setup
> setup(
>         name='ban',
>         version='0.1',
>         packages=['ban',],
>         description='Python Distribution Utilities',
>         author='Ban',
>         author_email='ban at',
>         package_data={'ban': ['data/*.dat']},
>         long_description=open('README.txt').read(),
>         install_requires=['Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup'],
> )
> ...
> Processing dependencies for ban==0.1
> Searching for Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup
> Reading
> No local packages or download links found for Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup
> error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup')
> **************************
> Issue #1
> Apparently the setup script cannot find the package - Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup . However, I can install this package via pip. 
> What should I specify in the file instead of install_requires=['Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup'] so that the library is properly installed ?

I suppose that "setuptools" is confused by the "-" in the package
names together with these "-" being omitted in the uploaded file

If this supposition is correct, then you would either need to
contact the "setuptools" author (to get "setuptools" handle this case)
or the "Google Safe Browsing" author to get a filename more
in line with the package name.

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