how to reduce bugs due to incorrect indentation

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Thu Feb 6 15:49:54 CET 2014

On 2014-02-06, msustik at <msustik at> wrote:
> I had a bug in a Python script recently. The code in question was something along the lines of:
> if a == 1:
>     x = y
> else:
>     x = z
> y = z + y
> z = z + 1
> While editing this file I accidentally pushed TAB on the line 
> with 'y = z + y'.
> Any suggestion on how to avoid this type of error in the future?

The best advice is to pay closer attention to what you're doing.  Look
at the code while you're editing, not your fingers.  Before you commit
the change, spend some time looking carefully at it to verify that
changes were intentional.

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