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> On Sunday, February 9, 2014 4:15:50 AM UTC+5:30, David Hutto wrote:
> > One could argue that if you're parsing a particular file, a very large
> one, that those 9 bytes can go into the optimization of parsing
> aforementioned file. Of, course we have faster processors, so why care?
> > Because it goes into the optimization of the code one is 'developing' in
> python.
> Yes... There are cases when python is an inappropriate language to use...
> So???

I didn't say  she couldn't optimize in another language, and was just
prototyping in Python. I just said she was optimizing her python

> Its good to get a bit of context here.
> loop:
> jmf says python is inappropriate.
> Someone asks him: Is it? In what case?
> jmf: No answer
> After a delay of few days jmp to start of loop
> loop:
mov head,up_your_ass
push  repeat
pop repeat
jmp loop

[BTW: In my book this classic trolling]
> --

And the title of this book would be..."Pieces of Cliche Bullshit Internet
Arguments for Dummies"

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