What are the kinds of software that are not advisable to be developed using Python?

Skybuck Flying Windows7IsOK at DreamPC2006.com
Sun Feb 9 06:17:03 CET 2014

I got to know about Python a few months ago and today, I want to develop 
only using Python because of its code readability. This is not a healthy 
bias. To play my own devil's advocate, I have a question. What are the kinds 
of software that are not advisable to be developed using Python?

Anything that needs to be super reliable.

My experience so far with Python versus Delphi has shown that Python 
requires way more time to debug than Delphi.

The reason for this is the interpreter versus the compiler.

Delphi's compiler will catch many bugs in branches that have not been 
executed or tested.

While Python's interpreter will mostly catch bugs in executed and tested 

Most of the code that has not been executed yet could contain bugs and even 
syntax/typos/non declared variables and so forth.

Which means that the entire Python program will have to be re-executed from 
the start to ultimately end up in branches that were not executed the last 

This way of debugging will require many many many many many many many many 
runs of the same Python program before it's somewhat debugged.

This is time lost in the debugging phase.

Having said that... time is gained in the programming phase thanks to it's 
shortened syntax.

However there is more... Python may lack some technical language elements 
like, call by reference, and perhaps other low level codes, like 8 bit, 16 
bit, 32 bit integers which play a roll with interfacing with hardware.

Types of software which would not go onto my python list: operating systems, 
drivers, perhaps also virtual machines and even compilers, python slow 
execution speed hampers that as well.


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