Google Cloud Platform and GlassSolver Project

eliasbylarsen at eliasbylarsen at
Mon Feb 10 00:48:57 CET 2014

I am fully ready to invest in the Google Cloud Platform, and bring with me my very own idea: Glass Solver (Sometimes called GlaSolver). Long story short, this application for Google Glass will connect to the Cloud to retrieve God's Algorithm for the cube sitting in front of you by doing a series of scans of the cube. But, that (specifically) is not what I came here for. In order to have all these algorithms, I have to make them first. One important detail that is probably worth mentioning is the fact that this application will support no only 3x3s. It will also support 2x2s,4x4s,and 5x5s. The last 2 mentioned have not been done before. God's Number has never been found for the 4x4 or 5x5 cube. But thanks to Google and their Compute Platform, it is possible. I myself am relatively new to Python. My experience is in Java primarily. Again, long story even shorter, I am asking for a Python (2.7 please!) script for each cube. Thanks for reading this and possibly for your script!

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