Google Cloud Platform and GlassSolver Project

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Mon Feb 10 10:12:40 CET 2014

eliasbylarsen at wrote:

> I am fully ready to invest in the Google Cloud Platform, and bring
> with me my very own idea: Glass Solver (Sometimes called GlaSolver).

One thing you will have to do is find another name for your project. says: 

> Glass is never part of the name of your business, Glassware, other
> products. Instead, use "for Glass." If you use "for Glass" in
> conjunction with a logo, "for Glass" must be a smaller size than the
> rest of the logo. 
> Correct: "Cat Facts for Glass"
> Incorrect: "Glass Cat Facts", "Glassy Cat Photos"

Duncan Booth

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