What are the kinds of software that are not advisable to be developed using Python?

Anssi Saari as at sci.fi
Mon Feb 10 11:10:09 CET 2014

Asaf Las <roegltd at gmail.com> writes:

> btw, Python could be language of choice for embedded systems if small footprint 
> vm could be developed. had seen similar for java having 10-20 KB byte sized 
> interpreter with very limited set of functions.

Well, there's the newish Micro python project. Its footprint is
apparently about 60 kB at a minimum (Thumb2 code on ARM). Their
kickstarter is at
and source at https://github.com/micropython/micropython

The kickstarter was for funding development and a small board with ST's
Cortex-M4 on it. The source code includes Windows and Unix targets so
it's easy to experiment with without a board too.

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