What are the kinds of software that are not advisable to be developed using Python?

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> Heavy computation might be unideal in Python, but if you can grunge
> it into NumPy operations, that won't be a problem.

While one might thing Python is not suitable for heavy number
crunching, it actually gets used for that a lot due to the wide
variety of hard-core number-crunching libraries[1] available (BLAS,
LINPACK, LAPACK, and the sort of thing usually associated with boffins
writin FORTRAN programs).  If you're interestedin that sort of stuff,
check out Scientific Python, SciPy, et al.

For extra geek-points you run them on the Fermilab/CERN "Scientific
Linux" distro:


You can also get a Python distribution with all the extra geekyness
already baked in:


[1] Some of those libraries are in FORTRAN because I guess there are
    some sorts of numerical hocus-pocus that still writes easier and
    runs faster in FORTRAN than in C.

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