ANN: PSF Python Marketing Brochure - Last call for Ad Sponsors

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Tue Feb 11 17:18:58 CET 2014

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       PSF Python Marketing Brochure - Last call for Ad Sponsors

     Please support the PSF in providing the Python community with
                 free high quality marketing material
                        to promote Python


Over the last few years, the Python brochure team has worked on and
created a high-quality brochure to help user groups, conferences and
companies using Python to promote and spread the word about Python.

The brochure will be printed in a first edition of 10,000 copies
which the PSF will then distribute to user groups, Python conferences
and educational institutions on request and free of charge.

With the Python brochure, we hope to reach out to an audience which
is not easy to address and convince using electronic and mostly
developer oriented media.


Please take a look at our preview PDF version of the brochure to see
for yourself:


The team set out to create and print the brochure without introducing
extra costs for the PSF. Our aim is to fully finance the brochure
production, printing and shipment to interested parties using money
from sponsors.

          To make this happen, we are seeking your help !

=> We have already signed up sponsors for 6 half page ads, but still
   need another *5 half page ad sponsors* to sign up.

=> There are also *6 smaller reference entry sponsorships* left to
   be sold.

If you are affiliated with or know a company investing into Python
and looking for ways to reach out to a large audience of interested
Python users, students, developers - and people in key decision making
positions, please reach out to us and help make the project
a success.

The deadline for ad and reference entry signups is *Feb 28* - in just
under three weeks.

You can find all the details about the available sponsorship
options on this page:

Orders can be placed directly with the production company, Evenios
Publishing on the website. All sponsors will receive a box of about
120 free copies of the brochure as Thank You gift.


Companies who are interested in receiving extra copies can pre-order
additional boxes which will then be printed in addition to the
initial 10.000 copy batch:

It is also possible to donate such extra boxes to educational

If you have special requirements, please contact the team at
brochure at for more information. We're very flexible
in addressing your needs.


More information on the brochure, the idea behind it, media data
and ordering links are available on our project page:

Thanks for your help,
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Python Software Foundation

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