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> I want to be able to say:
>      1. Put a nice picture on the background.
>      2. Put a terminal window with, say, 64x20 lines, dead centre.
>      3. Run a simple REPL program written in Python or Ruby within it.
> I do not really want to write any more lines of code than I need to.
> Why do we not have langauges and libraries that can do the above
> with only five lines of code (line 0 == setup, line 4 == cleanup).

You're asking for prepackaged libraries with extremely specific behavior.
Forgive me for making an analogy on the Internet, but your request is akin
to asking for a hammer that will automatically pound six-penny nails
through half-inch drywall, while facing south, on Tuesdays.

Such a hammer is great if those are your specific requirements, but
worthless otherwise.  It's much better to sell a generic hammer.  Sure,
it's a little more work for the user, but it will pound any type of nail
though a variety of surfaces.  I.e., it's reusable.

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