Wait... WHAT?

eneskristo at gmail.com eneskristo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 21:21:25 CET 2014

I think of it as a bit strange. Should I report it as a bug? I was trying to incorporate a save/load, and this happened. 
    def save():
        target = open ("save.swroc", 'w')
        target.write([counter, loop, number_of_competitors, competitors])
    def load():
        target = open("save.swroc", 'r')
        the_array = target
        counter = the_array[0]
        loop = the_array[1]
        number_of_competitors = the_array[2]
        competitors = the_array[3]
Swroc is an nonexisting file format that i just made up, an acronym of the program

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