singleton ... again

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Wed Feb 12 22:57:02 CET 2014

Asaf Las wrote:
> There is another one. 
> Once object passes through singletonizator 
> there wont be any other object than first one. 
> Then object constructor can freely be used in every place 
> of code.

You're still making things far more complicated
than they need to be.

*Why* do you want to be able to use the object
constructor, instead of just using the prebuilt

If you want to hide the distinction between using
call syntax and just accessing a global, then
export a function that returns the global instance.

That function can even lazily create the instance
the first time it's called. That's a pattern that
*is* useful, and I've often used in Python and
other languages.


_the_whatsit = None

def get_whatsit():
    if _the_whatsit is None:
       _the_whatsit = Whatsit()
    return _the_whatsit


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