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On 13 February 2014 08:34, Ned Batchelder <ned at> wrote:

> On 2/12/14 12:50 PM, Asaf Las wrote:
>> On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 7:48:51 AM UTC+2, Dave Angel wrote:
>>> Perhaps if you would state your actual goal,  we could judge
>>>   whether this code is an effective way to accomplish
>>>   it.
>>> DaveA
>> Thanks!
>> There is no specific goal, i am in process of building pattern knowledge
>> in python by doing some examples.
> Not all patterns are useful.  Just because it's been enshrined in the GoF
> patterns book doesn't mean that it's good for Python.

Speaking of which, my monitor is currently sitting on my copy of "Design

A lot of "Design Patterns" isn't directly relevant to Python, because
Python either already has various patterns implemented, or obviates the
need for them. For example, if you really need a singleton (answer - you
don't) just use a module attribute. Functions as objects and iterators
being so pervasive means that visitor and related patterns are just a
normal style of programming, instead of having to be explicit.

Tim Delaney
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