Top posting and double spacing

Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Thu Feb 13 03:02:21 CET 2014

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:41:36 PM UTC+5:30, Larry.... at wrote:
> My personal rule is that I will give people 1 or 2 chances after they
> are asked. If they continue to top post or send double space posts, I
> simply ignore everything from them until they get with the program. If
> we all did that maybe they'd get the message (but probably not).

I think this is right.  The only thing I will add is this:
If the person answering the technical question also gently mentions the
breach of etiquette, it would be more effective than some third party expressing
bald irritation.

What we need is something like the following self-policing rules:

- First couple of answers, say nothing about etiquette/norms
- Then start putting a gentle footnote indicating the issue along with the answer
- If the problem is not attempted to be addressed, increase the severity
of the warning and decrease the content of the answers
- Stop answering content. Only 'tag' the mail 'top-posted' 'double-spaced'
'html-mail' whatever. No other technical response
- Stop responding

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