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>> I've always worked in corporations where the email "culture" is the 
>> Microsoft-induced "lazy and stupid" style as you describe. 


I am addressing this to the entire site - I thinks. And this will be my final answer on this subject. 
It remains to be seen if I remain on this site or tell all good bye. 

For the most part, the few people who responded have responded in a polite manner, 
in an attempt to help me understand how this site works. And I have tried to fall into line when 
responding to emails. It probably appeared to some I was not trying to get on board but this 
is a significant change to the 20+years of my being involved in emails. 

And yes Gisle Vanem, in spite of your doubts, I have been involved in emails in excess of 20 years.
I suppose most of that has been in the "Microsoft-induced 'lazy and stupid' style" as identified by 
{Grant Edward}. However, I have responded to news lists and email groups previously.

As I have stated, most people have been kind and helpful. Some have addressed my lack of conformance 
to the policies and procedures and have attempted to instruct me in a polite manner. To those I say
Thank You for your understanding and attempts to help me.

Some have provided answers to the initial issues I had. And as a novice to programming, I do 
appreciate their assistance. I have not attempted all the possible fixes yet but I will i the 
near future. I say Thank You to each of you.

To those who responded in a much less friendly attitude, even at times coming across in a very rude
manner - I really have nothing to say. You have not attempted to help resolve my initial issues and
your attitudes have caused me to feel this is not a place where I can learn much. Yes, there is a lot
I could learn, but some attitudes make me desire to no longer be involved in discussions.


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