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Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Thu Feb 13 17:22:46 CET 2014

On Thursday, February 13, 2014 8:52:51 PM UTC+5:30, Walter Hughey wrote:

> I am addressing this to the entire site - I thinks. And this will be my final answer on this subject. 
> It remains to be seen if I remain on this site or tell all good bye. 

> For the most part, the few people who responded have responded in a polite manner, 
> in an attempt to help me understand how this site works. And I have tried to fall into line when 
> responding to emails. It probably appeared to some I was not trying to get on board but this 
> is a significant change to the 20+years of my being involved in emails. 

> And yes Gisle Vanem, in spite of your doubts, I have been involved in emails in excess of 20 years.
> I suppose most of that has been in the "Microsoft-induced 'lazy and stupid' style" as identified by 
> {Grant Edward}. However, I have responded to news lists and email groups previously.

> As I have stated, most people have been kind and helpful. Some have addressed my lack of conformance 
> to the policies and procedures and have attempted to instruct me in a polite manner. To those I say
> Thank You for your understanding and attempts to help me.

> Some have provided answers to the initial issues I had. And as a novice to programming, I do 
> appreciate their assistance. I have not attempted all the possible fixes yet but I will i the 
> near future. I say Thank You to each of you.

> To those who responded in a much less friendly attitude, even at times coming across in a very rude
> manner - I really have nothing to say. You have not attempted to help resolve my initial issues and
> your attitudes have caused me to feel this is not a place where I can learn much. Yes, there is a lot
> I could learn, but some attitudes make me desire to no longer be involved in discussions.

I am reminded of a story from the book Outliers.
It regards a Colombian plane crash near New York some decades ago.
The plane had run out of fuel.
The pilot and his assistant tried to communicate this to the control tower.
Now the NY control tower guys are described as the most efficient in the world
-- and the rudest.
So when the pilots got some piece of  NY rudeness they said "Yes Sir!"
slunk off and crashed the plane! (Instead of shouting MAYDAY or whatever pilots 
are supposed to do in such circumstances).

This is Usenet. You'll learn much here and you'll find a bunch of rude people.

No you are not going to crash your plane but you will likely crash your
python-learning attempts if you give an occasional asshole more importance 
than is his due.

I suggest 
1. You focus on your goal -- learning python or whatever is the larger 
personal goal of which learning python is a part
2. A bullet-proof vest

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