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Thu Feb 13 23:28:04 CET 2014

On 2014-02-13, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

> I envision SerialPort being a thin layer on top of a bunch of 
> OS-specific system calls to give them a pythonic interface.

Yep, that's pretty much what pyserial is

> Things like is_shutdown() and set_bit_rate() presumably turn into
> ioctls. No need to have any state at all beyond a file descriptor.

There are OS-dependent things that it's handy to cache in the object
(e.g. a Posix port's current termios settings).  It can eliminate a
lot of ioctl() calls if the app spends a lot of time doing things like
messing with modem control lines.  The savings in ioctl() calls may
not be worth worrying about, but it's actually simpler/easier to write
that way.

OTOH, caching the termios settings it can cause breakage if two
different processes or port objects are messing with the configuration
of a single port.  People who do that are just begging for breakage
anyway, so they get no sympathy from me...

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