Python version problem for rpm

Dave Angel davea at
Fri Feb 14 13:12:12 CET 2014

 anju tiwari <anjutiwari5 at> Wrote in message:

 I have two version of python 2.4 and 2.7.
> By default python version is 2.4 . I want to install need to install some rpm 
which needs python 2.7 interpreter. how can I enable 2.7
 interpreter for only those 
packages which are requiring python 2.7, I don’t want to change my
 default python version(2.4)

You don't say what OS you're running,  but I'll assume some
 version of Linux.

If you have some scripts that require 2.7, then change the shebang
 line to point explicitly to the 2.7 executable,  rather than
    #/usr/bin/env python

Or make a symlink called python27 and use that explicitly when non
 default version is needed. 


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