Best practices to overcome python's dynamic data type nature

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Fri Feb 14 17:54:58 CET 2014

Sam <lightaiyee at>:

> Dynamic data type has pros and cons. It is easier to program but also
> easier to create bugs. What are the best practices to reduce bugs
> caused by Python's dynamic data-type characteristic? Can the
> experienced Python programmers here advise?

Here's some advice from a very experienced programmer: become a very
experienced programmer.

When you are comfortable with the freedoms a dynamic environment gives
you and know how to use them appropriately, you can perform miracles in
a short time.

I like Java a lot, but boy does the boilerplate get in your way. When
you start writing a feature, you have to produce 2000 lines of code
*before writing a single statement*! That's why experienced Java
programmers tend to resort to code generators.

I'm saying a language has a serious issue if you need a code generator
to use it.


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