Best practices to overcome python's dynamic data type nature

Gary Herron gary.herron at
Fri Feb 14 18:09:18 CET 2014

On 02/14/2014 08:10 AM, Sam wrote:
> Dynamic data type has pros and cons. It is easier to program but also easier to create bugs. What are the best practices to reduce bugs caused by Python's dynamic data-type characteristic? Can the experienced Python programmers here advise?
> Thank you.

The assumptions in that question are misleading.  In fact, Python, with 
it's dynamic nature and other features, allows me to write fewer lines 
of code with fewer bugs-per-line.  That's a win-win situation, not a 
problem which needs to be worked around.

Still, when bugs do creep into code, the best strategy to find them is a 
good testing strategy.

Gary Herron

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