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On 15Feb2014 07:27, kjakupak at gmail.com <kjakupak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just need a bit of help understanding this so I can actually start it. 
> The input to a program will come from a file called "asdf.in". This file will have all the info needed for the course. The formatting of the input file is described as follows, with <bs> denoting # of white spaces and <n bs> denoting n white spaces.
> Title<bs>:<bs><number>
> Title<bs>:<bs><info>
> etc..
> Is it asking me to make an input file with all of that info (like it is above), or to have an info file actually filled with all that information filled out? Because I then need to have the program be able to output info in certain formats that come from that input file.

I would read this as saying that the your program must understand
an input file of the format described above.

If your teacher has not given you some example file, you will need
to hand-make some files to use as input files to test your program.

BTW, your subject: line is not very good. All questions want "help".
Don't change the subject line for this discussion, but in future,
try to make it more descriptive. For example:
"what does this task specification mean?" Maybe.

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