Import order question

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Mon Feb 17 19:14:48 CET 2014

>> Here is the problem: these methods should create instances of Row,
>> Column and Navbar. But this leads to circular imports.
> It should not; Python is not Java.
> Use modules to group your class definitions conceptually. There is no
> need whatever to separate every class into a different module.
If there is a consensus, and it is really desireable to put all these 
related classes into the same module, then this is what I'm going to do.
>> This might be a bad idea, but then please tell me why it is bad, and
>> what would be the right code pattern for this task.
> Not only does it lead to the problem you've described, it makes the code
> needlessly difficult to read.
> Pyth is not Java
> <URL:>.
This is funny, because I was working for wxPython for years and this 
article is making an example with wxPython. It is one of the best 
toolkits around. Some years ago I wondered why did they not follow PEP8 
and used lower case method names. Then I found out that these are C++ 
wrapper classes, many of them automatically generated from C++ code. So 
that is why.  But by that time I was using captialized method names for 
UI widgets everywhere, and I guess this is my bad habit now. Probably 
when it comes to UI widgets I do not think the Pythonic way for the same 

I never know when to put classes in different modules. I usually draw an 
UML diagram and group classes into packages. Wich makes sense because 
there can be sub-groups with subpackages. But I'm always confused with 
modules, I don't know why.

Thanks for the help.

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