IDLE won't run after installing Python 3.3 in Windows

eglowstein.h at eglowstein.h at
Tue Feb 18 15:56:51 CET 2014

The next adventure in Python was to install Python 3 into a Windows XP machine. I had a previous 2.7 installation that I uninstalled and carefully removed all traces of from the directory and the registry.

I got the 'python-3.3.3.msi' from and installed it. From a command window I can run 'python' and I get the Python prompt. I have several Python programs on the machine. If I right click o one, I have the option of 'Edit in IDLE'. If I do that, the disk light blinks briefly, and then nothing. So I went into the \python33\lib\idlelib directory and from a CMD window, ran 'python'. That loads IDLE. but when I ask IDLE to load a file, it navigates to a FileOpen dialog and then closes everything when I actually open the file. I then tried the same thing but used 'pythonw' instead. Same deal.

I also saw some other threads here about how Python can get befuddled by firewalls, so I disabled that with no effect.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!


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