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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Wed Feb 19 00:41:32 CET 2014

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:28:21 PM UTC-6, Rotwang wrote:
> I have music software that's a single 9K-line Python module, which I 
> edit using Notepad++ or gedit. If I wish to find e.g. the method "edit" 
> of class "sequence" I can type
>      <Ctrl-f>class seq<Return>def edit(<Return

This is not about "how to use a search function"[1], because
even modules that contain ONLY *one* class can be many
hundreds or even thousands of lines, thereby demanding the
use of search functions/dialogs. 

Heck, when a class gets too big i even export some of the
methods to outside modules and load the methods dynamically
at run-time just to cut down on the length. I suppose my
detractors would find that surprising also!

[1] Red Herring, Red Herring!

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