Cannot figure out line of code, also not understanding error

Gary Herron gary.herron at
Thu Feb 20 10:04:50 CET 2014

On 02/20/2014 12:26 AM, ApathyBear wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out the missing parenthesis, it makes sense now why there was an error.
> I suppose my question now is (and forgive my ignorance about classes, this is my first time learning them) why is it calling Athlete with some arguments? In order to make a class object, don't you need to create an instance by assigning a class to something?
> like:
>   x = Athlete(temp1.pop(0),temp1.pop(0),temp1)
> can a similar line look like this?:
> temp1.pop(0) = Athlete(temp1.pop(0),temp1)

First some notation:  You are not creating a class, but rather in 
instance of a class.  The  code
   class Athlete:
  created the class, and now you are ready to create (many?) instances 
of that class.

A call like
will create an instance of that class with whatever parameters you 
supply.  What you do with that instance after it is created is your 
choice.  Assignment is one possibility, but many other operation are 
also possible:

     x = Athlete(...)
     print( Athlete(...) )
     Athlete(...)+Athlete(...) # If addition made any sense and was 
implemented in the class
     return Athlete(...)

Gary Herron

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