Error getting REMOTE_USER Environment Variable

John Gordon gordon at
Thu Feb 20 17:19:03 CET 2014

In <mailman.7186.1392908069.18130.python-list at> Hobie Audet <Hobie.Audet at> writes:

> 7.  What it echoes back is "userxyzuserxyz".  In other words, the 
> REMOTE_USER value is repeated.

What username is recorded in the access_log file?

> executed correctly.  By why the "REMOTE_USER" value is doubled is 
> beyond my understanding.  Is this a bug in the os package that comes 
> with Python 3.3?   Anybody got a fix for it?

If there is a bug, it's much more likely to be in the webserver code that
sets the REMOTE_USER value.

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