Error getting REMOTE_USER Environment Variable

Hobie Audet Hobie.Audet at
Fri Feb 21 23:48:05 CET 2014

>How many other environment variables are doubled? All of them?

The only other environment variable I have tried is REMOTE_ADDR, and 
that does not appear to be doubled.

>Does the problem exist when the Python script is run directly, outside
>Abyss, or in IDLE, for example?

The problem is with the REMOTE_USER and REMOTE_AUTH variables, which 
are set as a result of user authentication by the web browser.  Thus, 
they don't exist outside of the web server environment.

Since my posting yesterday, I've done a LOT of fiddling around with 
this and found a couple of interesting things.  First of all, there 
was a minor typo in my web page HTML.  The closing </HTML> tag was 
lacking the last right angle bracket, so it looked like this:  </HTML

However, that doesn't seem to have affected the issue at hand.

The second interesting thing is that this error occurs in the script.  If I invoke it implicitly (by pointing my browser 
at, the REMOTE_USER and REMOTE_AUTH variables are 
doubled.  But if I invoke it explicitly (by pointing my browser at, the variables are NOT doubled and are 
returned correctly.  Strange! I hate to say it, but this sounds like 
a bug in the Abyss web server.

I have already reported this to Aprelium support.


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