Mac vs. Linux for Python Development

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> > Can you elaborate on some of the problems running python on OSX (or point 
> > me to a relavant link)?
> You could poke around on the archives of this list and python-dev, but
> the best link I have handy is this, which has only a brief note:

The primary issue for 10.9 was an incompatible change in the system 
libedit's readline compatibility API which could cause Pythons built on 
earlier versions of OS X to crash on 10.9 when used interactively.  
Fixed in the current 2.7.6 and 3.3.4 and 3.4.0rc installers.  
Also, if you are going to use IDLE or Tkinter with a Python, 
make sure you have the latest ActiveTcl (actually .1) 
installed, if possible.

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