Mac vs. Linux for Python Development

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Feb 24 18:34:37 CET 2014

On 02/23/2014 01:43 AM, twiz wrote:
> I've been developing with python recreationally for a while on Ubuntu
> but will soon be transitioning to full-time python development.  I
> have the option of using a Mac or Ubuntu environment and I'd like to
> hear any thoughts on the pros and cons of each. Specifically, how's
> the support for numpy and scipy?  How are the IDEs?

I know a lot of Mac developers that love the Sublime text editor.  And
if you combine it with, it's
even better.

Personally OS X's focus policy drives me absolutely bonkers as a
developer.  And I can't function without alt-middle clicking to size
windows and alt-click to move windows.

> Since I generally like working with a Mac, I'd like to hear if there
> are any significant downsides to python dev on OsX.

You can always run a virtual machine on OS X and have the best of both

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