Mac vs. Linux for Python Development

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Mon Feb 24 19:25:19 CET 2014

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> Hello,
> I'm sure this is a common question but I can't seem to find a
> previous thread that addresses it.   If one one exists, please point
> me to it.
> I've been developing with python recreationally for a while on Ubuntu
> but will soon be transitioning to full-time python development.  I
> have the option of using a Mac or Ubuntu environment and I'd like to
> hear any thoughts on the pros and cons of each. Specifically, how's
> the support for numpy and scipy?  How are the IDEs?
> Since I generally like working with a Mac, I'd like to hear if there
> are any significant downsides to python dev on OsX.
> Thanks

I'd rather go for linux, I have the feeling that the dev community is larger, though I have no numbers to provide, so I may be wrong. One would successfully argue that most python dev are cross-platform anyway.

IDEs in Linux are great, and you'll get the best of them for free. However vim / emacs are available for free on OsX as well...

If you go for Linux, know that ubuntu would not be the first choice, ubuntu prefers user experience over stability. Debian for instance is a distribution largely used in the industry.



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