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Ben Finney ben+python at
Thu Feb 27 23:15:16 CET 2014

"Mark H. Harris" <harrismh777 at> writes:

>    Its been too long... can't remember... are there rules here about
>    posting code snippets, or length considerations, and so forth?

Post your code in-line with your message. This is for the sake of the
people whose time you're requesting, and of later readers who will find
the thread when searching the archives — URLs to snippets are likely to
be invalid later.

Since you'll be posting the code in-line, make sure it's short. Since
it'll be short, make sure it's complete — we should need nothing else to
run the code and expect to see the same behaviour you're seeing.

Since you'll be making it short, complete, and still demonstrating the
behaviour, you may even get the result that you understand the cause of
the behaviour before posting it. Everyone wins! :-)

For these and other reasons, ensure the example you're showing us is a
Simple, Self-Contained, Complete Example <URL:>
which demonstrates the issue you're asking about.

>    A related question, is there a python repository for uploading py
>    files, patches, suggestions, etc?

The place to contribute patches and suggestions is to the project that
maintains whatever it is your patch or suggestion is for. What code
project are you wanting to contribute to? Look to the home page of that
project, and see what resources it has for “Developers” etc.

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