fixing an horrific formatted csv file.

flebber flebber.crue at
Tue Jul 1 16:04:33 CEST 2014

What I am trying to do is to reformat a csv file into something more usable.
currently the file has no headers, multiple lines with varying columns that are not related.

This is a sample

Meeting,05/07/14,RHIL,Rosehill Gardens,Weights,TAB,+3m Entire Circuit,          ,
Race,1,CIVIC STAKES,CIVIC,CIVIC,1350,~         ,3U        ,~         ,QLT       ,54,0,0,5/07/2014,,          ,          ,          ,          ,No class restriction, Quality, For Three-Years-Old and Upwards, No sex restriction, (Listed),Of $100000. First $60000, second $20000, third $10000, fourth $5000, fifth $2000, sixth $1000, seventh $1000, eighth $1000
Horse,1,Bennetta,0,"Grahame Begg",Randwick,,0,0,16-3-1-3 $390450.00,,0,0,0,,98.00,M,
Horse,2,Breakfast in Bed,0,"David Vandyke",Warwick Farm,,0,0,20-6-1-5 $201250.00,,0,0,0,,81.00,M,
Horse,3,Capital Commander,0,"Gerald Ryan",Rosehill,,0,0,43-9-9-3 $438625.00,,0,0,0,,85.00,M,
Horse,4,Coup Ay Tee (NZ),0,"Chris Waller",Rosehill,,0,0,35-9-6-5 $519811.00,,0,0,0,,101.00,G,
Horse,5,Generalife,0,"John O'Shea",Warwick Farm,,0,0,19-6-1-3 $235045.00,,0,0,0,,87.00,G,
Horse,6,He's Your Man (FR),0,"Chris Waller",Rosehill,,0,0,13-2-3-1 $108110.00,,0,0,0,,93.00,G,
Horse,7,Hidden Kisses,0,"Chris Waller",Rosehill,,0,0,40-8-8-5 $565750.00,,0,0,0,,96.00,M,
Horse,8,Oakfield Commands,0,"Gerald Ryan",Rosehill,,0,0,22-7-4-6 $269530.00,,0,0,0,,94.00,G,
Horse,9,Taxmeifyoucan,0,"Gregory Hickman",Warwick Farm,,0,0,18-2-4-4 $539730.00,,0,0,0,,91.00,G,
Horse,10,The Peak,0,"Bart & James Cummings",Randwick,,0,0,15-6-1-0 $426732.00,,0,0,0,,95.00,G,
Horse,11,Tougher Than Ever (NZ),0,"Chris Waller",Rosehill,,0,0,17-3-2-3 $321613.00,,0,0,0,,97.00,H,
Horse,12,TROMSO,0,"Chris Waller",Rosehill,,0,0,47-8-11-2 $622300.00,,0,0,0,,103.00,G,
Race,2,FLYING WELTER - BENCHMARK 95 HCP,BM95,BM95,1100,BM95      ,3U        ,~         ,HCP       ,54,0,0,5/07/2014,,          ,          ,          ,          ,BenchMark 95, Handicap, For Three-Years-Old and Upwards, No sex restriction,Of $85000. First $48750, second $16750, third $8350, fourth $4150, fifth $2000, sixth $1000, seventh $1000, eighth $1000, ninth $1000, tenth $1000
Horse,1,Big Bonanza,0,"Don Robb",Wyong,,0,57.5,31-9-4-3 $366860.00,,0,0,0,,92.00,G,
Horse,2,Casual Choice,0,"Joseph Pride",Warwick Farm,,0,54,8-2-3-0 $105930.00,,0,0,0,

So what I am trying to so is end up with an output like this.

Meeting, Date, Race, Number, Name, Trainer, Location
Rosehill, 05/07/14, 1, 1,Bennetta,"Grahame Begg",Randwick,
Rosehill, 05/07/14, 1, 2,Breakfast in Bed,"David Vandyke",Warwick Farm,

So as a start i thought i would try inserting the Meeting and Race number however I am just not getting it right.

import csv

outfile = open("/home/sayth/Scripts/cleancsv.csv", "w")
with open('/home/sayth/Scripts/test.csv') as f:
    f_csv = csv.reader(f)
    headers = next(f_csv)
    for row in f_csv:
        meeting = row[3] in row[0] == 'Meeting'
        new = row.insert(0, meeting)
        while row[1] in row[0] == 'Race' < 9:  # pref less than next found row[0]

            # grab row[1] as id number
            id = row[1]
            # from row[0] and insert it in first position
            new_lines = new.insert(1, id)

How should I go about this?



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