PEP8 and 4 spaces

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Thu Jul 3 21:02:48 CEST 2014

On 2014-07-03, Tobiah <tshepard at> wrote:

> Coworker takes PEP8 as gospel and uses 4 spaces to indent.  I prefer
> tabs.  Boss want's us to unify.  The sole thing you get with spaces
> as far as I can tell, is that someone loading the code into Notepad
> will still see a 4 character indent.

Or any editor at all.

> That may be true, but that same person is going to have a difficult
> time editing the code.

That's true with Notepad, but with dozens of other programming
editors, code indented with spaces will read and edit prefectly.
Not so for tab-indented code.

> Anyway, I gave up the 80 char line length long ago, having little
> feeling for some dolt

Same to you.

> on a Weiss terminal that for some reason needs to edit my code.  I
> feel rather the same about the spaces and tabs, given that most
> people seem to be using editors these days that are configurable to
> show tabs a four characters.
> Any evidence out there that this part of PEP8 is becoming more
> optional or even obsolete, as I've heard others say about the 80 char
> line length?
> Just need ammo for when the hammer of code unification comes down.

Just do the right thing and configure your editor to indent with

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