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Isn't this an old discussion? Just configure your editor properly. In my
team we all use spaces, but I'll be damned if I need to type 12 spaces in a
row. I'll just configured Sublime to insert spaces instead of tabs. Problem

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at>

> On 04/07/2014 14:59, Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:
>> On 07/04/2014 04:47 PM, Roy Smith wrote:
>>> As long as*all*  your tools follow that convention, everything
>>>> >is fine. The problems arise when you mix in tools that use
>>>> >different conventions.
>>> The problem is, tools always get mixed.  I use emacs.  The next guy uses
>>> vi.  Somebody else uses Sublime.  The list goes on and on.  You will
>>> never control what tools other people use.
>> This may be the subject of a PEP: "What tool will you use" :-)
> I'll nominate our resident unicode expert to write the PEP as he's also an
> expert on tools.  Consider his superb use of the greatly loved google
> groups for example.  Sadly I understand that he has yet to master the
> intricacies of pip, but I'm sure that'll come with practice, or has he
> given up?
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