What is the difference between matchObj.group() and matchObj.group(0)

rxjwg98 at gmail.com rxjwg98 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 20:26:14 CEST 2014


I cannot get the difference between matchObj.group() and matchObj.group(0),
Although there definitions are obvious different. And group() mentions 'tuple'.
tuple means all the elements in line object?

Match Object Methods


group(num=0) This method returns entire match (or specific subgroup num) 
groups()     This method returns all matching subgroups in a tuple 
             (empty if there weren't any) 

I run the following code. Even I add more words to line object, Both have the
same output.

Could you clarify this question?

Thanks again.

import re

line = "Cats are smarter than dogs"

matchObj = re.match( r'(.*) are (.*?) .*', line, re.M|re.I)

if matchObj:
   print "matchObj.group() : ", matchObj.group()
   print "matchObj.group(1) : ", matchObj.group(1)
   print "matchObj.group(2) : ", matchObj.group(2)
   print "No match!!"

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