Why is it different from the example on the tutorial?

Larry Hudson orgnut at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 6 22:32:14 CEST 2014

On 07/06/2014 08:03 AM, rxjwg98 at gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks. I do not want to waste everyone's time. For a jump start, there are
> small errors making me frustrating. Your help does help me, confirm the usage
> etc. After a basic familiarity, I do not want to post more. I use cygwin Python,
> I type help of an object 'result'. It does show up the help content, but it
> never quits the help afterwards. It is annoying, and time wasting. (Sorry again,
> that problem may be about Cygwin, not Python. Excuse me to mention that here.
> Of course, your help post consumes your time. Thanks again.
I'm curious as to why you're using Cygwin Python.  Cygwin is great for using Unix/Linux programs 
that are not available in Windows, but there are Windows-native versions of Python available.  I 
would suggest that you would be better off installing Python directly into Windows instead of 
going round-about with Cygwin.

If you do this, I would also suggest that you install Python 3 instead of Python 2, but you may 
have to find a different tutorial.  Although I suspect that part of your problems are that the 
tutorial you're using IS for Python 3 rather than the 2.7 you are using.  Really, there aren't a 
lot of differences between 2 and 3, but the differences ARE very significant.  And 3 is 
definitely the better, as well as the future.

(Aside:  I do have Cygwin installed on my Windows system, but I have pretty much given up on 
using Windows.  I find Linux far superior and more comfortable to use, and it gets away from 
Big-Brotherish Microsoft.  I do use it occasionally, but I think the last time I ran it was at 
least two months ago.)

      -=- Larry -=-

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