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>I need to know how to save my code and save as programs because I write code
>Please help and thank you for your time.

Please tell a bit more about your work environment (editors, IDEs, computer OS, etc).

The basic answer to your question is to edit the code in a file of its own, and 
to run it is a separate action, from that file.

As an example, my coding environment contains an editor window and a shell 
(command line) window. (Plus doco in a web browser, etc, as needed.)

So open a file with a useful name (start with "", but pick something 
more apt depending on the task) and open an editor on that file.

When ready to test, save the file (probably a single key command in most 
editors, or the ever popular "File->Save" menu option).

Then in another window, run it:


So you don't write code, test and _then_ save. You write code and save. Then 
test from the saved file.

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