How to decipher :re.split(r"(\(\([^)]+\)\))" in the example

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>>  Hi,
>>  This example is from the link:
>>  I have thought about it quite a while without a clue yet. I notice that it 
> uses
>>  double quote ", in contrast to ' which I see more often until now.
> Double quotes or single quotes -- doesn't matter.
>>  It looks very complicated to me. Could you simplified it to a simple 
> example?
> You might read up first here:
> If you are just new to learning python, regular expressions are not a
> good place to start.  But if you insist, the page you are looking at
> is more of a cheat sheet .

The free sample chapter from Mark Summerfield's book is about regular expressions:
That whole book is superb, and the regex chapter is no exception.

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