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Fri Jul 11 10:50:10 CEST 2014

Nicholas Cannon <nicholascannon1 at> writes:

> Hey i would like to know alot more about the standard library and all
> of its functions and so on

Welcome! This is a good goal, familiarity with the standard library is a
very important way to save yourself time in programming.

> and i know it is huge and i would basically like to learn only the
> useful stuff that i could use and all of those features. i have been
> looking around and i cant really find anything so i wondering if you
> guys would know any places to learn it.

Doug Hellman has impressive groundwork, with his “Python Module of the
Week” series. The Python 3 version <URL:> is a work
in progress, but the Python 2 version is still an excellent resource
<URL:> with the caveat that, as a Python newcomer,
you need to know Python 3 primarily.

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