Hello. I'm new here...

Dave Angel davea at davea.name
Fri Jul 11 13:22:52 CEST 2014

Antonio Dalvit <antonio.dalvit at gmail.com> Wrote in message:
> Hello!
> Im Antonio, from Italy. I'm new here and i'd like to introduce myself: i'm learning python language after years working in ICT sector. I decided to study python after fortran basic, c++, java and php for fun and because i'm tired to spend lines and lines of code to make something working as I want.
> I'll lurk and sometimes i wall ask something that i cannot understand. I'm sorry if my questions can sound simple or trivial... 

Welcome to tutor list.  Thanks for posting in text format. 

Don't worry about whether a question might sound trivial.  If it's
 an honest question,  it's welcome.  And frequently what seems
 simple can have lots of subtlety. 

Just try to keep each new question self-contained.  Tell us python
 version,  OS version, and use copy/paste on source code and error
 tracebacks.  Try to narrow the code to a minimal case that
 demonstrates the problem,  state what you expected,  and paste
 what actually happened.

Assume that people can refer back to that first message,  so you
 don't need to repeat that stuff as the thread unfolds.  And when
 you have a new question, start a new thread,  starting over with
 python version, os ver......


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