Newbie: unexpected indenting error

Denis McMahon denismfmcmahon at
Mon Jul 14 02:14:08 CEST 2014

On Sun, 13 Jul 2014 09:01:12 +0200, Martin S wrote:

> While coding a rating calculator I am using a for-loop within
> if-elif-else.
> When using the for-loop in the first if instance my editor accepts this,
> but when using the same for-loop within the elif instance it complain
> about "unexpected indent".
> Like so:
> def function(x):
>    if rdiff >=500:
>       for ....
>          [do stuff]
>    elif rdiff >=410:
>        for ...                      <== unexpected indent
>           [do other stuff]
> What the...? What am I doing wrong?
> (hopefully the indents translate; else def, if/elif, for and [dostuff]
> are indented)

You seem to have posted what you believe is an equivalent structure to 
your code, rather than your actual code.

The structure you have posted looks fine, but it's not a runnable snippet 
that we can actually test.

Can you actually reproduce the problem in a single block of code that we 
can try and run ourselves?

For example, if you copy your "problem" function to a new file and edit 
the function def line and the code and lines after the for statements as 
follows, does the problem persist?

for rdiff in range( 450, 600, 100 ):
   if rdiff >=500:
      for i in range( 1, 3 ):
         print rdiff, i
   elif rdiff >=410:
      for i in range( 1, 3 ):
         print i, ridff

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