python-aware wdiff?

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Jul 14 17:12:56 CEST 2014

Does anybody know of a wdiff-like tool ( which is aware of python syntax and can show token changes instead of word changes.  Wdiff is can turn

-    if not metar.is_in_temp_range_f(,
+    if not info.is_in_temp_range_f(,


    if not [-metar.is_in_temp_range_f(,-] {+info.is_in_temp_range_f(,+}

but what I really want is:

    if not [-metar-]{+info+}.is_in_temp_range_f(,

which makes it more obvious that the change is just the one token.  Does such a tool exist?

Roy Smith
roy at

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