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On Mon, 14 Jul 2014 21:18:05 -0700, Rick Johnson wrote:

> On Monday, July 14, 2014 9:11:47 PM UTC-5, Chris Angelico wrote:
>> I dunno. It's not like Great Britain, Australia, or New Zealand did
>> anything significant in either war, is it.
> Most of Europe occupied, London bombed into the stone age; things were
> looking grim Chris! Maybe you should read up on some WW2 history, it's
> quite humbling to think what *could* have happened.

Perhaps you should read history more thoroughly.
Great Britain had successfully fended off German plans to invade BEFORE 
the USA joined the war (Google Battle of Britain). Had we failed there 
would have been nowhere available to launch the 'D' Day landings & the 
USSR would almost certainly have rolled over the whole of Europe.

so contrary to the much held belief by Americans that they saved or 
bottoms in WWII the opposite is in fact the case.
>> Some people in Australia are still racist, but racism is nothing like
>> the problem it is in America, where you boast so much of equality.
> Where do you get your info about America, from CNN? And for someone who
> is a self-described "Aussie" you sure seem to know more about Americans
> than Americans know about themselves... hmm, another enigma!

I guarantee he knows more about he USA than the average Ammerican knows 
about Australia or anywhere outside their own border, I once had an 
American ask what state London was in (& we are quite a big part of your 

> Chris, one thing you need to understand about America is that a whole
> grievance industry exists to perpetuate hate.
> And sadly, most Americans are too stupid to realize this.

Now that is the 1st thing you have read that I agree with 100%

You'll never see all the places, or read all the books, but fortunately,
they're not all recommended.

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