Mac python py2app problem

Kevin Walzer kw at
Wed Jul 16 04:43:12 CEST 2014

On 7/15/14, 9:56 PM, Nicholas Cannon wrote:
> Hey i have made an app and i have made a .msi for windows with py2exe and i have also exported it with py2app on mac. No problems here they all work fine. I then put the .msi on sourceforge and it works great but when i put the .app on there and download it it says something like i can open this on old architecture or something so i have to put it through google drive and i dont like this like i share the link and folder and people can download it there but it is dodgy. Could someone please help me out like if there is a .msi type thing for mac with py2exe?

It's hard to make sense of what you are asking for. Can you just zip up 
the app bundle that py2app produces and upload it that way? That works 
for many developers.


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