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Wed Jul 16 05:56:42 CEST 2014


I'm very new to python programming.
I would like to ask how come when I send ISO8583 to the server, I didn't get any response back.

If I send it incorrect parameter, the server will reply but if I send it correctly, the server didn't response.

The original client is in java using ISOMUX, I have been trying to use the that on the ISO8583 module but didn't succeed also.

Right now i'm just using normal python socket and ISO8583 module.

The original java ISOMUX code:

    ISOMUX isoMux = new ISOMUX(channel)
      protected String getKey(ISOMsg m)
        throws ISOException
        return m.getMTI().substring(0, 2) + m.getString(32) + m.getString(12);

Could someone give me example whether python have other method similar to ISOMUX?

Thank you.

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