Python 3 is killing Python

Javier nospam at
Wed Jul 16 19:33:44 CEST 2014

> I don't see anyone taking the Python 2 source code and backporting a
> bunch of Python 3 features (and/or adding a bunch of their own
> features) and creating the Python 2.8 that
> rejects. What split is
> actually occurring, or going to occur? I think anyone who talks of
> splitting has an unrealistically low idea of the costs of such a
> split; moving away from what the core Python devs are doing means
> setting up everything fresh, and it's just way too much work to do
> that.

Up to now there have been no attemps of forking because python2.x was
still being developed and they even ported some of the features of
python3 to 2.6/2.7.

I think there has been a severe miscalculation, and the change in the
name of the interpreter python3 to python is a good example of the
disconnection between GvR and the real world.

Arch Linux was the only distro to fall in the trap, and those who use
it (as myself) need to put fake executables in /usr/local/bin
for everything: (python, sphinx, virtualenv...) selecting 2 or 3

Things are a bit more complex than just changing '#!/usr/bin/env python'
to '#!/usr/bin/env python2'

Let's see what it happens now that no more features are added to 2.x.
2.8 fork anybody?

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