This Python 3 is killing Python thread is killing me.

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Thu Jul 17 04:44:19 CEST 2014

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 1:27 PM, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at>

> The difference between our most illustrious resident unicode expert and rr
> is that the former has only said anything of use once, whereas the latter
> does know about tkinter/IDLE.  rr doesn't show up that often, the MIRUC has
> been spewing his mistruths for nearly two years and IMHO should have been
> booted into touch a long time ago.

"Know about" is awfully vague.  Start with 5 things:

1) A browser opened to effbot
2) An open python interpreter
3) A willingness to build widgets and widget collections as Frame subclasses
4) A willingness to fingerpaint with Canvas objects to create custom widgets
5) A useful(ish) program to write

Within a couple hours I learned everything I later saw in all of rr's
Tkinter posts, albeit without the irrelevant condescension. (I've written 3
Tkinter-based GUIs, all simple... I'm no expert with it.)

But that's quite beside the point.  When rr says something 'useful' about
using Python, he probably doesn't need to be corrected.  When he doesn't,
it's often incoherent verbiage with big words, flashy/illogical/outrageous
comparisons, and ad hominem attacks aimed at everyone that's disagreed with
him on the interwebs.  While I occasionally found it satisfying to fire
back and bask in my own logical and moral superiority, the little corner of
my life I devote to python-list is far more peaceful and fulfilling (not to
mention productive) now.

One last opinion before I sign off on this thread, I make an active effort
to attach my name to useful contributions on the web and cut down on the
useless.  I don't want my name associated with the idea "a lot of what he
sends is useless ranting or useless retaliation thereof".  With the volume
of material available on the web, I try to be careful not to make a poor
impression with anything I author (although that is unavoidable sometimes).

All the best,

P.S. And nobody will think you're just like <insert troll here> if you
don't bite back in a public forum.
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