Python 3 is killing Python

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>> It is worth watching this -
> Not in a position to watch Youtube vids at the moment. A blog post I'd
> read, but a talk is not well suited to all forms of delivery... What's
> it saying, can you summarize?

I an also not in a position to watch it at the moment, but from memory ...

The talk is recent - the video is dated 1st July 2014.

He quotes some stats from PyPi, which shows number of downloads over a 
period, broken down by version. Over a recent period, Python2 downloads 
exceed Python3 downloads by a factor of 10:1 (subject to my memory ...)

He has talked to many influential pythonistas in the recent past. He 
particularly comments on discussions with one of the prominent Python3 
dissenters - Armin [can't remenber his surname].

He senses a great inertia in the established python community towards 
adopting Python3. He goes through some of the familiar reasons, most, if not 
all, relating to bytes/unicode.

He is concerned about a growing division in the community, not only between 
users of the two versions, but between the mainstream users many of whom are 
resisting the move to Python3, and the developers, who are committed to 
Python3 but can only improve it by getting feedback from users.

His closing plea was for users to get involved with Python3, help to improve 
it, and thereby help to re-unite the Python community.


P.S. If anyone watches the video, feel free to chip in and add to/correct 
what I have written above.

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