Python 3 is killing Python

Fabien fabien.maussion at
Thu Jul 17 12:12:23 CEST 2014

On 17.07.2014 06:47, Rick Johnson wrote:> Even though i will freely 
admit that Python is the easiest
 > language to learn (IMHO)

For non-informatic students (i.e the vast majority of 
science/engineering students) I don't think that's true. Less general 
languages like Matlab appear much easier to me: unified doc, unified 
IDE, unified debugger, you can spend years without being confronted to 
what an "object" is, etc.

 > You and i don't use "print", and especially not "input" all
 > that much, but both of these (types of) functions are
 > *VITAL*  lifelines for the noob when learning a language!

Some argue that making print() working like all other python functions 
make it more consistent. Here for example:

 > Not to mention the issues of looking at the wrong "version"
 > of a tutorial when using the "other" version of Python.
 > Again, you and i won't make these mistakes, but a noob will!

It happened to me quite often that interesting tutorials where available 
in py2 only, despite the fact that all the concerned libraries were 
ported to py3 long ago.
But on the other hand, this is not python specific. Forums keep track of 
all questions/answers and some very old threads remain highly visible in 
the search results, making new users reinvent the wheel all the time. 
Everyone should be able to decide if the information found on blogs, 
forums or even newspapers is up-to-date or not.


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