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Thu Jul 17 17:39:40 CEST 2014

Hello Everyone

I am very much new to python scripting and i am here for knowledge

I am trying to read a file with node pairs and weight.
I have to find the neighbours of each pair individual and combined
both also count them.
Later find the ratio of the neighbours that each node has. I am stuck
with finding nodes.


0_node1 0_node2 0w
1_node1 1_node2 1w
2_node1 2_node2 2w
3_node1 3_node2 3w
4_node1 4_node2 4w

import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

G = nx.read_edgelist('infile.txt', data=[("weight", float)])

def get_triangle(G):
  for n1 in G.nodes:
    neighbors1 = set(G[n1])
    for n2 in filter(lambda x: x>n1, nodes):
	neighbors2 = set(G[n2])
	common = neighbors1 & neighbors2
	for n3 in filter(lambda x: x>n2, common):
	  print n1
	  print n2
	  print n3

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks
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